Bought TomTom maps, see no difference on Android Navigator
  • Not sure if it's a bug, but I have bought the maps, started the app as the second non-free option and I see the same Open StreetMap graphics.

    Or have I misunderstood something about the TomTom maps?

    I was expecting different graphics. Or what's the reason for buying TomTom otherwise?

    Is that not the case? Is it just the data -- i.e. the presentation layer is Navigator, regardless of the underlying data?
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  • graphics are the same, but maps are different
    there is a lot in navigational maps you cannot see, e.g. routing attributes are better in TomTom, which make routing more reliable
  • More reliable?

    A survey of Uni Heidelberg from 2011:

    "OpenStreetMap fehlen demnach noch 9 Prozent der Daten, die die
    Navigationsprofis bereitstellen. Die Forscher rechnen aber damit, dass
    die OSM-Nutzer diese Lücke bis Ende 2012 schließen werden. Größere
    Schwierigkeiten gibt es mit der Markierung von Abbiegeverboten, die für
    Autofahrer bei der Routenplanung besonders wichtig sind – hier könnte es
    noch einige Jahre dauern, bis OpenStreetMap die Konkurrenz eingeholt
    hat. An anderen Stellen sind die von der Community erstellten Daten
    sogar umfangreicher, zum Beispiel bei der Erfassung von Rad- und


    We have no 2014 ...
  • it is not just amount of data, consistency in routing attributes is very important
  • That's exactly, what they say:

    " ...  On  the  contrary,  OSM  is  still  missing  about  9%  of  data  related  to  car
    navigation. According to our projection for the future, this discrepancy should disappear by the middle
    or end of 2012, and the OSM dataset for Germany should then feature a comparative route network for
     cars as provided by TomTom.  ..." page 17.
    Be ware: the study is for German OSM data only. So they expect routing attributes for OSM data to be nearly adequate to Tomtom data by the end of 2012. We have now 2014 ...
  • we will see :-)
  • Uhhh ... wouldn't the comparison between OSM and Tomtom depend on the COUNTRY you are talking about?  And maybe even the REGION of the country?

    Or is there some sort of magical consistency around the world that makes German maps a sufficient sample ...

  • That is what I said. It is for German data only! But it may be worthwile to check your own country's OSM data for similar development. Even more since the study is now three years old and the OSM community seems still to grow. Sorry if I made you misunderstanding something.
  • But who says that things are getting better?

    I'm looking into this forum today because of destination restricted roads. Navigator doesn't like them at all. For whatever reason some of the residential roads in my neighborhood are tagged as destination restricted. I removed it but it will take time until the changed will show up in Navigator.
  • The map should reflect reality - so if there is destination restriction in reality, please leave it there. If not I would agree with removal. Note, that it is a bad idea to modify maps based on current version of Navigator.
    OT you may try to enable "small local roads" in your vehicle profile - it could be also source of some routing issues.

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