Something missing...
  • Hello everybody !

    First of all, I want to thanks all programmers for this excellent application.  It's maybe the best free GPS software I ever see.
    I try to do something for the community, but I'm not programmer, so I just update Swiss and Cambodia maps as I can...

    Now, something is really missing on this software : programmers, PLEASE, please add the scale of the current view ...  It's the only one thing missing !
    You never know, when you look at the map, if 1 centimeter is 100 or 500 meters...
    Ahhhhh, if I was a good coder, it will be already done !

    Thanks again !

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  • Note - if you press screen with two fingers you will see distance (1.3.43).
  • I did not know this.

    That is Very cool!


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