Can't calculate route in Switzerland/France
  • Hi,
    I have the latest 1.3.43 navigator free version, running on a Samsung 4 Mini (Android 4.2.2).
    I live in Switzerland, in Geneva suburb, near to French border. 
    Mapfactor Navigator is not able to compute routes in Switzerland or across the border. Maps have ben loaded correctly and I can search for adresses, store bookmarks, etc... Just cannot compute any route, so cannot navigate.
    Any idea what I should do? I rebooted my phone, mapfactor got updated last night. So everything looks ok on this side.
    Thanks for your help,


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  • You should give uns start and destination to check.
  • All right - so for instance I take as start Chemin des Rocailles in Pregny-Chambesy and as destination Avenue Louis Casai in Geneva, both are located in Switzerland. Navigator can't calculate the route.


  • Chemin des Rocailles has the osm restriction tag access=destination

    May be, that is way Navigator is not able to navigate out of that street. I am not sure. You could try to set the start just outside of that area. If Navigator finds a route then, Navigator may misinterpreting the tag "destination".

    Openrouteservice knows to navigate there, so it seems to be a problem of Navigator.,46.2447049&end=6.1051834,46.2264382&pref=Fastest&lang=de&noMotorways=false&noTollways=false
  • Openroute service does not take in consideration almost no other tags, but only road category and turn restriction to navigate...

  • It is routing fine in my case:
    switzerland_osm                 : data version=44, data creation=201409210
    france_osm_east                 : data version=44, data creation=201409260
    ... maybe check that you have both regions from the same batch conversion.
  • Hello,
    I have the same data version and data creation as you.
    Looks like it is some other issue in the French version (?).
    To perform route calculation, i do the following operations:
    Click on Bookmarks ("Favoris") - Select "Domicile", ie Chemin des Rocailles, Pregny-CHambesy, Suisse as Start, then select "LHH", i.e. Avenue Louis Casai, Genève, set it as Destination.
    Then go to Tools, Compute route ("Calculer l'itinéraire").

    Then I get an error message "Trajet non trouvé"... I have just sent you my error logs.

    Many thanks in advance for your help,

    Great responsiveness :-)


  • OK, I received your logs - note, that there are many many mails/logs a day and it is hard to tell what is what ... the best is reference to forum/orderid etc ...

    To your problem: you have prohibited motorways:
    DMP 14/10/22 16:03:52  Routing: using prohibited frc (0,).

    is it desired?
  • Thank you and to reply to your remark about motorways: I use a bike - not a car, so yes this is desired behaviour.
    What can I do to help solve the issue? Let me know.

    Next time I will refer to the forum discussion in my logs email, point taken.


  • Well the problem is caused by
    where you have one routing point. All streets in that area have access=destination except the service road I mentioned. So if you move your routing point it will start to route. Now it fails because there is no restriction on that service road and you cannot pass through "access=destination" ... 
    OTOH for bikes "access=destination" should be probably ignored.
  • thank you very much - it namely worked when i took a different routing point nearby.

    One remark: 1km before destination it just stopped telling me turn right, turn left, just displayed the home icon with the distance below. 
    However there were a couple of streets on the left or on the right before arrival and I could have erred. Is this normal behavior?


  • Well it is not normal but "expected" - the navigation if primarily for cars and if everything is blocked (roads with crosses) it does not report that (at the moment).
  • Got it -  another difference between bike and car is slope. 

    Clearly fastest route must take into account the slope, avoid hills for instance if that makes sense, 
    Also navigator should report a time difference between going from A to B or from B to A if there is for instance 100m elevation difference between both locations. In fact cumulated slope is what really counts for the biker. On a short trip (less than one hour), I got 30% time decrease because I was cycling downhills.
    This is something Google Maps does - but not Navigator I believe?


  • Would love to see this feature too.

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