add POI category for Toilets
  • I have been evaluating a range of Android offline GPS apps. MFN is my favorite overall and Sygic 2nd. Sygic would have been first if there were a way to import routes from other online sources. It uses TomTom maps like are available for MapFactor but has a POI category for Toilets. I find this very convenient - search of toilets in near vicinity - can then display them as icons on the map. I was hoping when I bought the TomTom maps the Toilet POI may be displayed as a search and/or display option but I can't find any. Is this possible?
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  • Hello,

    here: you can download  POIs catorogy for toilets in all kind of formats and import them.
  • Thanks frisian. I checked the poiplaza data for the place where I live in Australia - it was last updated 2008, and had very few toilets.

    Whereas I have just bought TomTom maps for MFN which I know from using in competing app Sygic are very accurate and up-to-date, so it would be great if they were properly integrated directly in MFN. Surely it wouldn't be hard?

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