Cannot calculate route from Romania to Cyprus or from Turkey to Cyprus ( osm )
  • Hi. I have a problem with route calculation from Romania to Cyprus. All routes go until Alanya or Tasucu. No go to Cyprus. There are 2 feribot routes. I take alook on them and i think the tags used are ok. But Mapfactor cannot go to Cyprus. What problem can be?

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  • Just to make sure as first question: Did you disable ferries in your Car profile?

    Edit: You need to enable small local roads which is disabled by default.
    (Note: I always enable small local roads as Navigator sometimes gives really weird routes or no routes at all. I just set them to 30/30/50)
  • Thanks, but didn't work. Ferries are not disabled and i enabled small local roads like you said. Maybe something is missing from one of the maps ( turkey or cyprus from mediteranean part of the maps) or there is some problems with ferries, but i think everything is ok on osm ...
  • I downloaded Turkey and Cyprus and it works for me. Not from Alanya, but from Tasucu.
    Same when calculating the route from

    The road to the ferry in Alanya was tagged as a service road. As it is a general road with general access for everyone, also to be able to access the peer, I changed it to a minor road (highway=unclassified). In this case it is not wrong to classify it as a service road but I definitely think it is abetter to classify it as minor road.
    Next month it should be possible to calculate a route via Alanya.
  • Osrm works indeed but is the worst routing service because it used only road category for routing calculation. it even not know about speed limits or surface tags.
    It is weird for me because from Bucharest to Alanya for example works but not from Bucharest to Cyprus. I will try something again...


    Finally It worked to Girne. But until now i tryed the route until Makariou III Street in Platres- where the route fails...
  • It could be an issue of transit network - "Alanya - Girne Ferry" is not set as transit while "Tasucu - Girne Ferry" has set transit flag. Note, that it could be extra problem that if the ferry is connected to transit that transit links have to be well connected to rest of the transit (in this case in Romania)
    cyprus_osm                      : data version=44, data creation=201410150
    romania_osm                     : data version=44, data creation=201410170

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