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  • There were already couple comments/questions related to POI (Points Of Interest) which are available on OpenStreetMap.org but not in Navigator. For example parking places, toilets, etc. In many cases the reason was missing name, which was necessary condition for POI conversion to MapFactor Navigator. We have done some experiments with adding these, but ...
    1) when you search for nearest in the map and you for example have several noname parking places nearby they are automatically merged and there is no simple way how to distinguish them
    2) there is no simple way how to search noname POI in search dialog even they are in some administrative area (city) - empty records (names) are automatically rejected
    We tried experiment with "naming" these POI with "ID=..." which is original ID from OpentStreetMap. You can already see it in recently recomputed version of Serbia and Texas/USA. The data for Jan/2012 planet will be converted using this modification. Please, let us know if you think that it is better or worse.
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  • I remember, that I mailed about these problems.
    So of course I'll have a look at that after next update of germany south.

    By the way:
    All the best, health, luck and success for the new year.

  • After updating maps I checked POI without names.

    They are visible. "Information"-click shows ID=* and kind of POI. Looks good now.
  • but isn't it disturbing? Shouldn't be ID=* hidden? Aren't there now too many POIs and it is not clear which are more important?
  • ok, hidden ID would be more user orientated, because anyone, who didn't read this, doesen't know the meaning of that ID.
    The focus was to show often unnamend POI's as parking space, toilets etc. and in these cases they all are important if they are urgently needed.
    As I know, there is no special scale for importance of POI's in OpenStreetMap, and if there would be one, it would be to subjective according the meaning of the recording person.
    There could be a different icon for parking space as an example, if the are additionally marked as "private" for limited use or if you have to pay any fee. But that makes sence only, if you can mark a routing-preference to special ones.
    It could be interesting, which kinds of POI's mainly are without names and how much percent of all they represent. Maybe, that way we find solutions for the main 80 % or so.

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