app freezes for 30 seconds while loading
  • I couldn't find anyone else experiencing/ reporting this problem but my apologies if I am duplicating another topic. In the latest version 1.3.24 when I tap the Navigator icon it can take up to 30 seconds before the main menu responds. It was far quicker after initial installation but something has changed. Sometimes the screen is white, sometimes "loading data" is displayed then the main menu is displayed but tapping the buttons do not respond for up to 30 seconds. Sometimes Android will detect lack of responsiveness and display "Navigator is not responding..." however if I wait then it will eventually become responsive. I have quite a number of other GPS apps I am evaluating but no others display this behavior.
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  • Please upgrade to 1.3.43+ (available in GP beta or via direct link: ... 1.3.43 is now in GP stage release)
    The slow start was related to TTS, and should be fixed. If the problem persist in 1.3.43 please send us log files and mention link to this thread.
  • Thanks Martin. I am now using 1.3.43 & the load is much faster. The "white screen" is still displayed which doesn't look great compared to other apps, and the main menu buttons are still unresponsive for a much shorter time, but overall much improved.
  • OK, thanks for info

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