Romanian Map Problems, Routing Issues
  • Romanian map , has some issues. Some script is changing the road priorities in roundabouts, and between 2 roundabouts..

    This is has major impact in route calculation....

    And in Romania using default settings in Navigation Software, the route calculation is not well, We have to fine tune the level priority for every road to have a better route calculation, using the roads we have to go, and for total distance to point of destination.
    But in some tests , we "repaired"a route calculation and broke other, and I think is because of those road category change....

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  • Try to use this link for map updates....  Better than the one you use now....
  • The are the images from OSM Map, the same location like I've posted in previous post.

  • link_road ??? Try edit this roundabout and check type of roads. Add more tags (in potlatch basic tags, especially restrictions) and check result in project-osrm.
  • Those must be link -roads. And should have the same colour because are from the same road category.  No need for other restrictions than uturn. The roundabout is wery well drawed with all necesary tag. On Osmand, Beonroad works perfect and have the same colour.

    There is no local routing problem. I think my coleauge speaks about a general routing problems that could result from these modiffication only in Mapfactor maps.

  • I understand now. Probably there is no problem. It is about mapfactor colour code which change so drastically the colour of links from the same road category. Only link-roads are changed....
  • Oh, my bad, I left a Trunk Link extension from a previous edit, I forgot to change in a roundabout.

    But we seriously need to do something with the color coding for roads category.
  • Please have a look here:
    Mapfaktor uses different classes for some highways and their links. Maybe the change that soon and so solve these "problems" of colouring.
  • @GabrielMoise. I have a question about the maps found on How can they be used with Mapfactor free? Mapfactor uses *.mca files. The files from geofabrik have a different format, haven't they?
  • The geofabrik files are the base files. Every OSM based navigation app uses these files as the basis for their maps.
  • I gave that link, for mapfactor script to convert the files from that link, Those maps are updated every day, so we can receive more updated maps. At this time we receive maps older than 6 weeks !
  • I'm very sure MapFactor knows that link as well as every OSM related person knows that link. And there are more sites then only this link but these are mostly for specific regions.
    You are receiving a free app (I don't know whether you donated) with free maps. The link they use are the weekly OSM planet updates. To me that is also very frequent and could lead to weekly updates (theoretically).
    I assume the OSM maps are relatively low profile within MapFactor as there is no profit in it and they release maps monthly. I fully understand that.
    Once a month is 3x as frequent as the commercial TomTom upgrades so what are you complaining about?
    Unfortunately the mca map format is a closed format otherwise more volunteers could help in the map creation.

  • I think every new  customer will try first the free version of Mapfactor. And Free version is like a business card. Some of them could leave the software from the first impressions and never try to buy the tomtom maps... And the idea to leave a bad impression about osm only to force them to buy tomtom maps it looks to me very bad...
  • @hvdwolf  How do you know , how frequent are the TomTom Maps updated in MapFactor ? because the TomTom , is pushing 2  - 3 map updates a year . i can tell you that for sure from direct connection to them. Somethimes, they're pushing 4 updates on a year only if there are major changes and needs a hard push...

    So , I think MapFactor is not pushing 3 updates on a year.

    To make a paralel but not to make an advertising to other software, Aponia is pushing 2 map updates from Here Maps on a year, and Here Maps Production , pushes 4 updates on a year.....

    And for a final conclusion.... What are we talking about ?!?!

    Like @razor974 said..... First impresion for this awsome navigation software is the free version / maps.  For our Country the map is the most updated and well done , besides other map providers.... OpenStreetMap does not have so much address numbers integrated, but it is a work in progress..  First imrpesion on MapFactor Navigator will be in the first place, the graphics engine, the rendering (colors, animation, etc,), routing algorithm.... easy of use, search for something...... And after that someone will try to buy a TomTom license.. for using advanced map features....etc

    PS. I'm a person that buys all software that I use, license to maps, navigation , etc.... I've bought 6 Navigation Software with Maps License.... and for the moment I'm not buying TomTom Maps license here, until I'll see some minor graphical changes, and a little "facelift" for routing algorithm...

    Have a great day to all of you !  Cheers !

  • Hi Gabriel,
    It is not necessary to put everything in bold.
    And how do I know how often the Tomtom maps are upgraded? Please read this post
    And if you had read my post better ("Once a month is 3x as frequent as the commercial TomTom upgrades"): It means that Tomtom is upgraded every  (3x 1 month=) 3 months, meaning 4x times per year. Just as mentioned in the post.
    And about the other software you're mentioning (I know them too): I really don't understand what you mean. I say that MapFactor updates every month which I think is good. Why referring to other software packages who do it worse? That is no reason at all for MapFactor to speed up their map delivery process.

    I use and create Open Source software as much as possible. Where not possible I donate or buy a license.
    I stick to OSM not because it is the cheapest option but I'm a strong believer in open source software and open data. I work almost daily on OSM. I have been a heavy contributor to another Open Source android navigation app, but that one has turned into a direction (pun intended) I don't like at all.
    I'm one of the small Dutch group who has added all Dutch addresses  and exact building configuration (to 0.04 meter) to OSM (and the next project is starting). I don't say this to brag, but to mention how much I want a good OSM: data for all, built by all!
    (And for the moment: Navigator Free not being open source is currently my only "complaint" about it).
  • unless something goes wrong, OSM is released once per month, TomTom once per quarter
    I hope this clarifies the matter
  • So @tomas, when we'll se some graphical changes in MapFactor ? A "wallpaper on background in mainscreen, some changes to colors used for road category  and different elements ?

    Thanks !
  • you can create your own colour scheme using this tool
    file to edit is
  • @tomas , thanks..... Now I'll have something to do :D

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