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  • When will the UK maps be updated, they still showing as June 2014 to download
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  • try to set Early maps access in Settings
  • Same here, with Early Maps activated.
    Date of UK is 20 June 2014, all the other maps mostly already from August


  • can you ask someone at the company when they will be updating them as this country seems well behind all the others. in terms of OSM 2 months is well out of date
  • Wondering the same.... I have been checking daily!!
  • calculation of UK OSM maps finished this morning and seems OK, so should be available within couple of days for early map access users
  • I don't mean to challenge or blame anyone at MapFactor, but I'm just curious why UK map updates seem always slower than other countries. Is it due to technical difficulties, legal policies, lack of manpower  or some other reason?
  • That is not entirely correct. This early spring I asked why the Dutch map was already 3 months behind while all other maps, including UK, were up to date.
    It obviously sometimes happens.
  • OK, if that's the case, I'm curious why any country's map updates may be late. I thought it would be a timed and automated process of pulling the latest edits or the entire copy of OSM, generate maps per country, run automated tests and then release. Is there any manual work involved that may delay this process?
  • UK map was not completely converted in July 2014 at all, sorry - actually all maps were delayed (if you noticed). It does not have sense to concurrently convert July and August maps, so we switched to new, August maps. "united_kingdom_osm" is in phase 1 (approx 5/7) ... it should be completed this week (on Early Maps Access).
    I am sorry for the convenience caused
    p.s. "Is there any manual work involved that may delay this process?" ... no, unless there is some serious problem and in July there were three "issues" + vacations
  • mdx, thanks for the information.
  • Janson_Jones asked about UK status (in different thread, again) ... Phase 1 completed, Phase 2 "fixing barriers" (we should optimize that script :( ... and it is running on slower (& busy) machine ...
  • have you considered also offering maps from Here too along with Tomtom.?

    reason being is tomtom is not so extensive when it comes to road and naming of them, but Here is.
    or is it all down to costs in getting maps from them?

    obviously OSM is detailed but choice is never a bad thing.
  • FYI OSM UK map is finally converted ... (on Early maps access)

  • Hi mdx, I assume the maps in 'early maps access' are beta versions.
    Then what kind of issues they may have? I'll be travelling for a 500-mile trip from central Scotland to London. Should I stay with the stable (June) version to avoid surprises?

  • The "Early maps" are for 97% (guess) identical to "Stable maps", they are only for one week delayed. Because processing/conversion/upload is all automatic we do not have chance to check all maps of the whole world. So this way enthusiastic users can give us hint, if there is some major problem (missing capitol city, or used capitol city instead of the whole country, damaged data for some reason, ...).

    There is a "maps rating" in Settings > Advanced, where you can send us info about new maps --- unfortunately we do not have reverse contact to the user, so in the case of trouble this forum or mail to support is probably better.

    Also if you find that the downloaded map has (within that week) problem, you can delete it, switch to "stable" and re-download the older map.
  • I've tried the early access map, so far so good! :)
  • Hi mdx, a quick question. When the stable maps are released, do I get it by default via the normal download function, or do I have to go through the options and switch back to stable repository?

    My current UK map version is 44-201408250.
  • I am not sure what do you mean. Both types are available via "the normal download function". It is a week since UK was converted so now (or for sure rather tomorrow) you will get the same UK map independently of your "Early maps access" check box.
  • If I understand correct:
    - If the early access map doesn't change, it will be the same map as will be released one week later. You don't have to download again.
    - If the early access map is not correct, for whatever reason, a new map will be created and available for download, which means that the early access process starts again? Or that the final map will be available for everyone (and having downloaded the incorrect map, means that you have to download again)?

  • p.s. just "funny" part about Early Maps Access ... I had to (rather) roll-back this time ... so I do not know if my 97% estimate was right ;). This was due to combined ID overflow, so several September regions are now recomputed and will be republished. The reason: ...

  • what date will you download and compile the next uk map?
    just i am editing a few things and want to know the cut off date for updates regarding your updates?
  • Updates are once a month, unless something is out of the ordinary.
    Simply check your current map date and guess the approximate following release date .
  • September 2014 cut off date was 140903, October will be (probably) 141001 (first Wednesday in the month)
  • Some maps are released early in the month. Others at the end of the month (UK maps and Dutch map for example).
    Do yo always use the same cut off date for all maps? Or for the maps at the end of the month a later changeset?
  • Using different cuts woudn't be a good idea. Imagine what happens if there where changings of data at the borders between maps like moving streets some meters or so...
  • Yes, we use the same cut off date - we use planet.osm. There is only one exception now that if the boundaries for given region are not valid for that particular planet.osm we check if online version is fixed (or we fix it online and use it).
    Not all regions are unfortunately completed in time (in given month), typically france_osm_west and russian_federation_osm take long and are published more or less the same date when new planet.osm is available. Note, that dumping and packing of planet.osm is not immediate - it typically starts on Wednesday, it is published (available for download) on Saturday. By Monday we usually have completed 0-phase (download, pre-procesing) ... and everything goes fine, you also get first andorra_osm ...
  • hi mdx, there are online tools (e.g. to extract an area of OSM as suggested on the official OSM website ( Is it possible for the users to create own maps that are compatible with Navigator Free?
  • if scotland goes independent will scotland maps be seperated from the main uk one?
  • Splitting Scotland from Great Britain would be consequent, if the vote yes.
  • I think this is question for map makers
  • when will the early release for this month be issued?
  • still no early release
  • Well, try it now - 20140925 ... I did not want to promise it as last time (I know what phase of conversion is running but I am not sure if it will successfully pass it and when exactly)

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