Map Factor navigator on windows phone 8
  • Please tell me that this navigator is on WP8?? it's quite nice app but can not find in windows store?
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  • If you are interested in beta-testing of Windows Phone 8.1 version let us know (send your LifeID or Microsoft account mail of your phone to, subj. "Windows Phone 8.1 beta").
    thank you
  • Note, that MapFactor Navigator for Windows Phone 8 is now available at
  • Finished in pl.
    Without context, translation is like woman - sometimes is beautiful...
  • Navigator is not available for WP8 at this moment
  • Is there any hope to see Navigator for WP 8(.1) in the near future? I could not find any mature OSM based navigation app on WP 8.1.
  • not this year, may be next
  • A first testimony. I accepted your invitation and installed Navigator in my Windows Phone 8. Firstly I would like to write these considerations:
    - the smartphone I use most is a Samsung Note 3, Lollipop stock rom and rooted, and Navigator has come from other Android phones, provided it's a five stars free navigator, with the advantage of offering OSM and Tomtom paid maps, which turns it into a very trustful fellow in the roads. This smartphone is now testing the new GLES alpha version (it will surely be the future of Navigator).
    - a month ago I bought a Lumia 640 XL DS and ran after a navigator which could satisfy my needs. Though it offers Here, a very good product also, I missed Navigator a lot, perhaps due to some hidden passion from the past. The phone is a fantastic device, considering its price and configuration. And as I am an old user of Windows I feel absolutely comfortable with the new promising toy. When I read these offer to contribute to its beta test, I joined it immediately.
    Until now, and praying I am not biting my tongue, I am positively impressed with the behaviour of Navigator for WP8. It's simpler, offers less alternatives of settings, but it is very good. Till now it's stable and its graphic appearance runs smoothly. Some releases ahead and I will use the new couple Navigator & WP8 on my car dashboard, using my Note 3 to keep contact with the necessary world of Android and some app that cannot be abandoned. In short, thanks for this product and for the invitation.
  • If you would like to help us with translation of Windows Phone 8 application the resources/tools are available at:
  • I have done my best. Look at the nine pages of translation into Portuguese (Europe). If you intend to offer Portuguese written and spoken in Brazil, a new project has to be opened.

    Update: The Portuguese language translations, european and brazilian versions, have been completed and are ready to be used after the voters opinions and the "boss" approval.
  • @PrzemekSupak

    Please provide some context to that statement :-P
  • You are expert, You know.
  • I worked my way through a number of pages for the Dutch translation but what on earth is  "Continue to app"?  Almost immediate reaction from the "manager"

    "Search nearby POI". Is it meant here like "search in the proximity of this POI" or is it meant as "search a nearby POI"
  • Hi, I was compelled to write my first message, because finding a problem with Mapfactor for windows phone  8.1 -update 1-.
    Use a lumia and 625 after the second update of the map Italy, of the same weight of the first (but updates should be smaller than the first map?), do not install, i.e. each time the map but the notification as if it were still to download. Other downloads are all gone well, with notification in the action center. I tried to restart but to no avail. 
    I also think that we need to fix gps module, because it takes too much time.
    Do you also have my own problems?
    Thank you
  • Concerning to the maps download I have not found any issue till now. About the gps fix, also I donĀ“t have problems in my Lumia 640 XL DS. Anyhow I reproduced the hint given by Tomas which was effective to correct another issue: hold the back arrow on bottom until you see the programs that remain in memory and then, found Mapfactor Navigator, press the X to kill it. Now, load the Navigator again and see if the notification of download is correct.
  • Excelent. Thank you very much for this application. It works great on the Lumia 640 LTE.
    Also it works well in Lumia 535.

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