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  • on roads I have red crosses while the road is perfectly permissible, what does that mean?
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  • blocked - probably blocked passage? Do you have coordinate or way ID?
  • The red cross means that it is not accessible to motor_vehicles. I checked a few other cycleways and roads and they have the same if motor_vehicle=no
  • how is it that it is also motor_vehicle = no and there is no cross
  • the problem is that Mapfactor will not use the roads with the red cross when I use the bike function that is nonetheless authorized in OpenStreetMap
  • Yes, you are right.  I tried with a couple of cycleways which are prohibited for cars (of course) and MapFactor refuses to use them. This is in 1.3.24, so it is not only in the 1.2.xy Google Play release version.
  • the problem is he of Mapfactor or wrong encoding in OpenStreetMap?
  • MapFactor.  OpenStreetMap is OK.
    And "My other app" does it correct.
  • how is it that it is also motor_vehicle = no and there is no cross

    this was misleading information. Way 71283586 does not have "motor_vehicle=no" and that is currently reason why you see 234855407 with crosses and 71283586 without.

    bicycle     yes
    foot     yes
    highway     cycleway
    horse     yes
    lit     no
    name     RAVeL 1 centre
    network     ncn
    oneway     no
    ref     RAVeL 1 centre
    route     bicycle
    surface     asphalt
    type     route
    wikipedia     fr:RAVeL

  • So the red crosses are for a motor vehicle and not the bikes then? Mapfactor it takes into account the difference?
  • Yes, the red crosses are to indidate that these roads are not accessible for motor_vehicles.

    Mapfactor does take it into account for car navigation, but when the tag "bicycle=yes" belongs to the object, MapFactor should calculate cycle routes over these roads (cycleways).
    Currently that is not happening. I tried a number of roads (cycleways) with  "motor_vehicle=no" and "bicycle=yes" for cycling routes, and MapFactor refuses to use them.
  • would he not simply remove the "motor_vehicle = no" in order to allow the transition to bikes in Map Factor?
  • Florian said:  "would he not simply remove the "motor_vehicle = no" in order to allow the transition to bikes in Map Factor?"

    No, no, no!! MapFactor does it wrong. OpenStreetMap is correct. 2 other apps are doing it correct. You can't "corrupt" OSM data just because Navigator has a bug. If you remove that tag all applications can/will use that cycleway to route cars over it. Completely wrong and possibly very dangerous.
    Navigator probably has an incorrect general navigation if-then-else statement with regard to access="no" (always) and "motor_vehicle=no" (cars, not bicycles). I think that is the issue.
    We have to wait until this nasty bug has been fixed in Navigator.

  • (I agree with hvdwolf ... one day (hopefully soon) will also MapFactor do it right)
    p.s. it is not "nasty bug" ... there are simply no attributes for bikes in MCA files at the moment ...
  • ah ok, I'm off topic but on MapFactor, the themes parks are pric such as parks, not squeezing it easier to add a class theme park? 

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