will not install anymore
  • hi, i had installed the Navigator free sw on my xp tablet and it worked so far. But then i started installing maps. For the first run i have chosen to much maps, so it took to long to download all the Maps, so that i have canceld the Download. Then i tryed to install maps again, but the Botton is not working anymore. So i tougth it is best to remove the complete sw and start from beginning. But now the setup programm will not let me install anything but the install program.
    What can i do?
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  • Maybe delete all downloaded content (On XP "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MapFactor\SetupUtilityFree").
  • I would like to use a tablet with Windows XP or 7. Is Navigator Free compatible and does it manage a touchscreen mode ? Even with XP ?


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