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  • Hi there

    for the updating of maps I'm using Navigator 11 - Setup Utility. Sometimes we have only an extreme slow internet and download of a large map may take one hour. During one of these downloads the internet connection brocke down and left PC Navigator 11 Free in a complete dead state. Everything had to be re-installed.
    In Navigator 11 - Setup Utility one has the option of installing the downloaded maps immediately. If that option is not selected and the maps are only downloaded, how can the maps be installed manually  later on?


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  • Hello Yogi,
    am not sure I understand. If the connection is broken the last downloaded MCA should be dropped and you should still have the older one. I just tested on Setup Utility 11.0.22 and during download old MCA had extension .bak After download md5 should be checked and if it is not correct it should not replace existing file.

  • Hi Martin

    I do not know, when the breakdown exactly occured, all I know is that nothing, really nothing did work anymore. I had to uninstall everything, even manually clear the registry. Then, after downloading everything again, it worked. A problem is, that the earth_osm is a mandatory download and with over 70MB it took more than one hour. I was lucky that there was no breakdown. Is it necessary to download earth_osm?


  • earth_osm is "a main land" with detailed boundary of all countries. One reason we did not update it for a log time is its size. There were ideas to split it into rough and detailed map, which would be then part of separated regions, but it had loo low priority.
    thanks for your comments
  • When using the maps downloaded with Navigator Free, it seems there is missing zoom levels. The max zoom is right, but the previous zoom is too small. How to download intermediate zoom levels ?

  • Except "earth overview" all regions contain all levels, so there is no extra file(s) to download
  • I'm sorry, in fact, with my mobile phone, the buttons Zoom+ and Zoom- are very sensitive compared to another similar tool that I used. So, one zoom level was probably skipped when I pressed the button.

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