How edit voices in mca files?
  • Hi.

    I would like to edit / create a portuguese brazilian voice but I cant open the mca files with the other voices available.

    Is it possible to do that?

    What softwares do I have to use?

    Another doubt: is there any tts engine compatible with mapfactor free for pna (windows ce 5.0)? 


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  • Hello,
    sounds_??.mca is compressed archive with many WAV files.

    What is the problem with TTS engine? It should work on PNA too.
  • Hello mdx,

    How can I edit the mca files? What are the specs of the wavs files? khz, kbps, channels, etc...

    How can I install tts voices on PNAs (GPS) with windows ce 5.0?

    Thanks again.

  • How to decrease volume of the sounds...mca files?

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