INAPPLICABILITY of Navigator Free for driving
  • my experience with MapFactor Navigator v1.2.25 using Open Maps: suitable only for Pedestrian navigation, non applicable for real driving navigation!!! 

    examples: yesterday I drove from Brussels to Kassel and  then to Prague, using standard setup with "fastest" option; 
    - only getting out of Brussle took more than half an hour strayibg across Bussels, in spite of the internet navigation solution - about 800m to A3/highway and then stratght...,
    - from the Kassel castle gardens (Herkules) it lead me across the Kassel city centre instead of getting me the shortest way to the highway,
    similar situation - navigation throurg the city centre repeates when I get out ot the highway to get fuel and lunch somewhere in Germany;
    it seems that the navigation algorithm authors ane not able to consider that driving through the city surely cannot be done in the max. speed limit allowed!!!

    - finaly in the Czech Republic from near Slany town instead of continuing about 38km along this semi-highway to Prague (to address near the enter point of that semi-highway to Prague) it guide me almost twice the distance - to turn to Melnik about 40 km along normal roads, then use another highway to Prague and cross almost the whole Prague to get to the address...

    not mentioning that the Autologon function works only until first manual changing the scale factor of the map, and as finding a space form temporarily parking is not an easy task neither during the rush hours in the city nor on highway, so I have to move the map manually...

    as my grandma said - there are things being rather expensive even if offered for free...

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  • have you changed vehicle profiles by any chance?
    can you let us know departure and destination?
  • "it seems that the navigation algorithm authors ane not able to consider that driving through the city" - yes, you are right ... let us know which OSM tags to use to set attribute "urban" in the data and it should improve the routing significantly

  • Martin, there is already a tag that would help:

    Actually two:

    The more traffic_signals in a row, the slowlier it gets.
  • Also speed limits may help (though they are not alway present in OSM maps). Unfortunately checking 'Use speed limits' sometimes works, somethimes not (sometimes is speed used for calculation reduced to the speed limit, sometimes not). See this video. (Speed limit is applied on trunk (speed limit 130, extra urban speed 140) but not on a secondary road (speed limit 70, extra urban speed 90). Speed of the vehicle 140. 'Use speed limits' is checked on all roads. Record of route simulation, which uses the same speeds as used for calculations.

  • I live in Brussels.
    No matter wich way you choose, it's a nightmare to drive. Don't try to find a logical path. Every day is a "traffic jam" surprise.

    It's in the top 10 longest time traffic jam city in the world.

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