GPS Receivers supported
  • Hello, I'm currently playing around with NF and it's fun.
    I've attached my Garmin Etrex GPS as the GPS receiver, but NF is unable to detect it.
    Is this device supported ?
    if not, what GPS receivers are ?

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  • I think you need a special cable, may be this will help
  • Tomas might I ask if Navigator 11 supports Navilock GPS reciever?
    I have a USB version of a external navilock which I can get a fix on its software. So I know it works.
    However when trying to configure via Navigator 11 interface, it doesn't find it on port 3. It's on port 3 I know that from the software that came with it.

    Kind regards MarcoS
  • navilock used to be our German distributor, so I would say yes
  • Hi Marcos,

    I have a NL-402U works super.

  • I have a GlobalSat SiRF STAR III CompactFlash GPS attached to a Dell Axim X51v and, while I can test the GPS and find satellites, etc, Navigator Free does not allow me to find a GPS receiver at Com 4. It just scans a limited number of Com ports none of which is Com 4
  • The devices you propose on your web site have always a USB port. How that works ? I have Royaltek GPS receiver which works with Bluetooth. So, why a USB port, for which use ?
    And there is no price and details for the first in the list.

  • If you have Bluetooth on your device it should work also with Royaltek GPS
  • I would like to try another receiver, one of your GPS receivers for example. So, why is there a USB port on your receivers ? Is it a simple Bluetooth adaptator or a GPS receiver without Bluetooth ? I don't understand...

    And what is the price of the first in the list ?



  • i was trying to get garmin my gps 60csx to work found a simple solution garmin made a little program called spanner which ads a virtul com port so you can connect via usb cable should work for all brands of gps that use usb connection you can download it from garmin site here is the link


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