Navigator is great, but...
  • I'm fairly new to Navigator Free and it's wonderful to have the bike option - I would never have found some of the interesting routes it takes me, away from traffic.

    However, I haven't been able to make the Search feature work, except for the built-in POIs. If I try to search for an address or post code in Spain. the only map I have so far loaded, here's what happens:

    "Search" > "By address and name" > new screen appears headed by "LAST SEARCH". I select Country (Spain is offered as the only option), then I type in, say, Valencia and select it as my Province. But then there is no option to enter an address or post code, just a list of types of POI.

    I am doing something wrong? Is it broken? If it is, when will it be working? It's annoying to have to switch to Google Maps (that needs a data connection) to find places by name, address or post code.

    And when searching POIs, it would be better to be able to filter the results by entering a search clue, rather than scrolling through a list of, say, shops to find the one I want.

    And one other little issue - it often tries to take me the wrong way up one-way streets. It's not a big problem as it will recalculate another route if I ignore the suggestion, but the database obviously lacks a lot of this information. 

    Edit: Oh I just read this in another post:

    Please let me explain how it works.
    We provide free software, but do not make maps. Free maps are created by volunteers - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can also contribute?

    And if I miss a turn, sometimes a new route is much longer than the original one, even though I have "allow U-turns" selected in the options. A warning that a new route is much longer would be welcome too.

    And I'd like to have a manual to read. Which of the manuals on this page is for the free version?
    Or where can I find the manual, if not there?

    Thanks for a nice app! The only thing I really miss from OVI maps on Nokia I used to use is the lane guidance for car driving. Oh, and the lovely voice of the woman on that, the Navigator woman sounds bored and a bit, umm, common :)


    v.1.2.25 on Samsung Galaxy S3
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  • If you just want to search for addresses other than POI, you have to go back to the menu with tabS "address, Google, POI and coordinates" as the first line of the program. May be, the most left tab addresses is hidden so you have to move the line to the right just by wiping the line with the tabs to the right.

    There you can search for addresses typing country, city and street. I wonder, if search via zip code is available for Spain.
  • I try make You a little a bit happier - in Poland we have the lovely voice of ... man.
  • Thanks Oldie, I was in the correct tab. Strange thing is that now it IS allowing me to enter a street instead of taking me to a list of POI types. Not sure what was going on there (surely not user error ;) ), but that's good. But postcode search always returns "No result", so that's disappointing.

    Thanks for the manual link  chattiewoman, I will sit down with a coffee and read it soon - before long I will be an expert...

    PPrzemekSupak  - I feel your pain, I tried the man option on my Nokia and really couldn't stand it and had to quickly revert to the lovely, soothing woman!

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