Postal codes defined in OSM are missing in MapFactor Navigator Free.
  • Most of the time, in MapFactor android with an OSM based map, searching a French address by postal code does not return any result.
    it seems that the postal code is not imported/computed along with the town name.

    In France there are more than 36 600 town each of them has their postal code defined in OSM,

    for an address node, both postal code and town name can be deduced (inferred) from the same administrative boundaries, ( only the name of the tag is different )

    see :
       boundary :administrative
    (when available for big towns) or admin_level:8 (for smaller towns)

    for instance :
    "Lyon" : a big town
        "Lyon" is divided in 9 smaller area each of them has its own postal code
    "Tassin" : a smaller town with a unique postal code

    Note : This way of managing the postal code does not seem specific to France.

    Thank you for your attention.

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  • Hello lagiaraudiere,
    thank you for report/comment. At the moment the conversion is only for relations where boundary="postal_code" and it contains valid "name" (or "postal_code" tag with higher priority). So what you suggest is to extend it for boundary="administrative" with filled "addr:postcode" tag, if it is only a single number (to avoid your Lyon example), right?
    thank you
    p.s. it is now prepared for July 2014 data processing, so we will see - hopefully it won't cause any problem ;-)
  • Well... yes
    or more precisely :
    1st : search for the postal_code=* on boundary="postal_code"
    2nd : if not found, then search for addr:postcode=* on ( boundary="administrative" and admin_level=9 )
    3rd : if not found, then search for addr:postcode=* on ( boundary="administrative" and admin_level=8 )
    Thank you Martin

    Best regards
  • p.s. there was "processing time overlap" of May/July maps, so for example "france_osm_north" (hopefully available tomorrow) is still from May planet.osm
  • another attempt - previous filter was wrong - so hopefully in August MCA
    data (from planet.osm which will be released next week) you will
    finally see PCD=69160 (for example).

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