Where do I find my Product Key
  • I downloaded the Free PC version of the Navigator, but when I try to start it, I end up with it asking for my Product Key. 

    I remember a popup window asking for it, and I took the free key, but I didn't write it down.  Where is it stored, or if not, how do I get another one?  Thanks.
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  • In your start screen you have a settings button. It's in your settings.
  • My start screen doesn't exist yet.

    It's asking for my language and then my voice settings, then my product key.

    I'm trying to get to the start screen so I can finish downloading my maps -- the process of which crashed.

  • OK, weird.  There's four different start icons in the start menu.  One of them gives a start screen.  In that screen the settings button leads me eventually to a product key that has real values for the first two sets of five characters, but nothing but xxxxx for the other three sets.  This doesn't work for the other ones of course.

    Totally confused now.
  • I suppose that you want to use Navigator with OSM maps (and free key). For that please select shortcut "Navigator 12 > PC Navigator > PC Navigator 12 FREE". There is key already inside.
    It looks like you used the commercial (TomTom maps) version (i.e. "PC Navigator 12") and that require commercial key (it won't help if you enter free key there).
    is is more clear now?
  • Actually, I have already downloaded the free version to my Samsung Tablet, but had to give up trying to download the maps because the tablet kept falling asleep, so I'm trying to get the maps downloaded to my PC so that I can shove them across a USB connection to my tablet.  :)

    In "Navigator 12 > PC Navigator >" I have four possible starters. "PC Navigator 12", PC Navigator 12 (default settings," "PC Navigator 12 FREE" and "PC Navigator 12 FREE (default settings)".  I think you can understand my confusion.

    At any rate, the one you specified is the one that I reported in my previous post. It shows me the start, and I guess I could just go with that, but it turns out (as far as I can tell) that map downloads and updates are in the Navigator 12 - Setup Utility. 

    I really appreciate the friendly replies and patience with a new person.
  • Yes, maps are downloaded by Setup Utility (on PC) so you actually do not need "PC Navigator FREE".
  • Lo Que He Hecho.
     la Utilidad de configuracion de Windows. Después lo he ejecutado y  he seguido instructions para Instalar NavigatorFREE.  Me ha creado tres Iconos en el Escritorio.
    1.- La utilidad: Navigator12-setup utility.
    2.- Pc Navigator 12 free.
    3 -.Navigator PC 12.
    El  que PIDE clave es el  3. El Que Tienes Que USAR es el 2, Que No te PIDE clave.
    Bajar Para los mapas Tienes Que USAR la Utilidad o el mar 1.
    Ten Cuidado Porque Te presenta dos Pestañas y Activada Por Defecto la Pestaña de Pago. Tienes Que Activar la Pestaña "REGIONES Libres".
    Selecionar pais a pais Que desees intalar.
    Tener paciencia Y. Selecciona ONU pais Cada Vez Más es Seguro y tarda Menos. 

    ESTO me Pone Nervioso. Me descompone el Texto. Me Pone las Mayúsculas de como le da la gana. he recompuesto Tres Veces. Disculpa las "faltas" que Quedán . 
    En el tablet si utilizas el wuifi mejor que los datos. No he tenido ningún problema . 
    Al funcionar Con La Pantalla horizontal me Hace un  corte y Una mala Perspectiva Pero en Pantalla busque va vertical. 

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