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  • I keep getting this warning message on Map Factor on my Android tablet. This warning is running a simulated route from my house to the main downtown public library!
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  • please provide departure and destination, we will check
  • Hi Scarter,
    if you have version 1.1.5 please upgrade to 1.2.25 available on Google Play or 1.2.35+ available here:

  • It happens the same to me. I have installed the 1.2.35+ and the malfunctioning of the simulation/calculation persists, whenever I use the OSM maps. Using the Tomtom maps makes the simulation run normally. It is related to the OSM maps usage by the app, I suppose. When coordinates or GPS positioning are used as departures the error occurs, but if an address is given, the simulation begins without error messages.
  • please provide exact departure and destination, or even better, email routing_poits.xml to support
  • Tomas,

    I have just emailed my routing_point.xml to support. This departure point is either followed by an error message or freezes the navigator.
  • both files I received where somehow corrupted, but I did manage to set departure and destination according to coordinatesin the file and had no problem simulating route.
    close Navigator and delete file routing_points.xml
  • renaming routing_points.xml seems to have done the job

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