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  • Hallo All,

    I noticed on our last tour a couple of oddities on the 11.25 version not the Free.

    I could in previous versions delete a routing point or change the routing mode and the route would recalculate automatically, in the current version this does not happen.

    Can anyone confirm this or is there a setting I am Missing?

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  • Hello Chris,
    this is a bug (related to route optimization with several waypoints). Some hot-fixes are in version 11.0.28 (available on update), but proper fix will be in 11.0.30+
    sorry for the troubles
  • Hello Martin,

    ok thanks. I did also notice that the optimization of the route with the waypoints works now on the whole route and not just on the maked waypoint, Thanks for the fix there.

    Keep up the great work.

    Best Regards

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