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  • Hi all,
    after updating navigator, the list of 'last search results' is grey and it is not possible to use them.
    Is there a possibility to reactivate them again ?
    Thanks for help.
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  • Did you update navigator only or also the maps? The search result is related to given map version and after map update/change it is gray - I suppose you use PC or Pocket Navigator.
  • Hello Martin,
    you are right. Update was also about the maps. But I thought it would be related to new navigator version I've installed some time ago.
    I'm using Pocket Navigator 12.1.0.
  • Hello,
    I have a question.

    Are there any possibilities to search and
    watch only names of towns / villages (based on post code) without county and district? On that moment searching with using post code is
    not avaliable.

    I show you what I mean in example..
    I want to drive to Poland/Rzeszow.
    Navigator Free (12.3.0) shows:
    1. Enter City/Region/Postcode
       A) Rzeszow (county) – enter to this
    option we see:
         1.1 Select City/Region details –
    enter to this we see
            1.1.1 Rzeszow (county) - enter to this
    we see the list of streets
            1.1.2 Rzeszow, Rzeszow - enter to this
    we see the list of streets other that in point 1.1.1
       B) powiat rzeszowski (county) - enter
    to this we see the list of streets other that in point 1.1.1 and
       C) Rzeszow-Rzeszow - enter to this we
    see nothing

    If you want to go to Rzeszow you should choose option A. Options B and C are completely useless. So the question is for what reason Navigator Free is showing they?

    As you see we have to choose correct
    option to navigate to the place you want. When you know the region
    there is no problem, but if not and for expample you are in other
    country and don't know a language you could have some problem to
    drive to the target.


    Could you cancel some searching option
    and leave only name of cities/villages + post codes?

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