Problem GPS windows ce (system gps too slow)
  • Hello, i have a problem on gps, i downloaded data on sd card and i use it on a system on car OEM (windows ce), software work, all work.But when i try it on road, in need to run with car at 30 km/h , otherwise the ARROW not follow the real position. How can i fix the problem?
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  • it seems to be problem with your GPS, I cannot see how to fix it in Navigator
  • At what speed is set your COM port? Some devices autodetect GPS on high speed but then they have problem to feed it to the system. Sometimes they allow multiple speeds, so try to use some smaller like 4800 or 9600?
    good luck

  • Guys , for now thanks, i will try to set the com!!!
  • But its possible the software set the high speed automatically and i cant set if 4800 or 9600?

    its possible the CPU of navi is too slow?
  • Maybe check Your GPS antenna - if there is external port, use aluminium foil to protect its cable (cover it), and connect this foil to car ground. 
    If there is too slow processor, there is rather problem with maps, not with gps.

  • The problem is with other software work fine !
  • If there is a problem in SIMULATE ROUTE (set start, end points and check it also on the road), try disable, turn off, other applications, like MP3/4, blue tooth.
    If in simulate route is o.k., try change speed port (menu/settings/GPS/GPS device/CHANGE SETTINGS.

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