"PDA Driver nicht verfügt"
  • This is a message on the Setup Utility (in the lower left corner), when I transfer (map) data form my hdd to the volume of my Win7 Notebook, which represents the sd card of my android phone.

    These words do not make sense to me. It's a mixture of English and (bad) German. "Driver" would be "Treiber" in German and I don't know, what should be "nicht verfügt". If it means not "availabe", it should say "nicht verfügbar".

    Anyhow in don't know, what the message wants to explain is Driver is not available, since I can use the relevant volume for map transfer.

    By the way. Such transfer of maps to the phone is only possible, if the phone is in msc mode. But that means, that the sd card is not available to the phone and i cannot use Navigator (Android) when the phone is connected to the PC. Transfer in mtp mode would be much more convenient.
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  • If I remember correctly it means that "Active sync is not available". It was used for installation of CAB files on older PDA devices. Most PND devices have access to disk/SD Card only and you do not install it but just copy it.
  • I understand, so you will at least change it to "Active sync ist nicht verfügbar"?
  • In English it is "PDA driver not available" and as I was going to change the translation I realized that it is not only "Active sync". There is in reality small DLL which handles installation, check free space on your PDA etc. So in English it is some kind of "driver". You can have "Active sync" but prohibit remote calls and for this combination you will also see "PDA driver not available".
  • You could as well write "Treiber nicht verfügbar" but in no way "driver nicht verfügt"
  • <tr lang="de">PDA Driver nicht verfügbar</tr>
    ... so the German translation won't fit in the display rectangle and cuts bits of b+ar. I will change Driver -> Treiber
    thanks, now it is more clear

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