• I am new and I can't find any Help feature or instructions for the operation of the software.  I have it installed . . . Now what?  How do you enter an address and start the navignation?  HELP!  I am using a smasung Q1 ultra with windows XP.
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  • Thanks you guys.  I guess I could have searched "Manual".  Its all coming together now.
  • I too have trouble with a new install. After choosing street I have no option for the house number....only intersections 
  • this is our 'template' email

    first thing to check is that maps have been downloaded in Map manager/download map.

    the following review may explain a lot:

    about search
    with offline navigation you cannot search the same way as on Google or other Internet search engines, mobile devices simply have no power for this type of search. When searching on Google thousands of very powerful computers are deployed.
    Having said this, you can type (speak) address in the built-in Google search.

    So you need to enter country (state), then town, then street and then street number (or intersection). Second time you search you only change street (if the town remains the same) or town (if country remains the same and town changes).
    At the end of the search you select what you want to do, i.e. Navigate, if you want to start navigating to that address.

    When street numbers are available in the map data then you can search for it, for example New York/Manhattan/5th Avenue.
    Unfortunately house numbers are frequently missing in free maps, but are available in TomTom maps.

    Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge.

    you can download manual here:
  • This depends on the OSM-maps. In OSM there are only a few housenumbers listed, so you can't oftten search for them. If you buy the comercial TomTom-maps, than you have what you search.


    Oh, tomas, you were faster then me.

  • Hello,

    I'm a beginner with the Navigator app for Android. I would like to know how to erase the starting point flag and the destination flag on the map and watch the map simply without having those flags on it.

    I found the way to change the starting point and the destination, but I didn't find the way to erase them from the map.

    Thanks in advance. :)
  • Just go to "routing info" or similar ("Routeninfo" in german) and delete your waypoints

  • Great, Uli! Thank you very much!

    Danke! :)
  • once you set new departure or destination, the old one should disappear

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