mSaving maps on Android 4.4.2
  • I really like Mapfactor but I cannot save  maps to the SD card anymore in Android 4.4.2. I know the settings are under advanced but I get error message no external memory while there is a 32 Gb card which other apps can utilize. Can you help me please as my internal memory is limited. 
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  • try to close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application manager/Navigator - then reboot your phone
  • That doesn't work. I earlier deleted the whole app and reinstalled it (including the maps) but that ddn't work either. I get the same message only internal memory. It did work under android 4.1.2.
  • See also thread "Cannot change instalation SD-Card."-Error a few entries below. It is a known bug in Android 4.3 and obviously still existing and not fixed in 4.4



    It's a Samsung S3mini. I know that it broke in Android 4.4 (i have no experience with 4.3) and, at least partialy, the fault lies with Android itself as, apparently,  Android 4.4 (4.3?)  changed the way it handles extenal memory.

    However, there are apps which are able to save data to the external memory using the same phone and android version. An example is Navmii's Navfree for Android. While, as a navigation app, it is not as good as Mapfactor it does store the maps on the external memory (it even asks where to store it when downloading maps). So it is possible to do.

    I was hoping that this issue was recognised and will be dealt with in a future update of the program. 

  • I've got a Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.2 and MapFactor NavigatorFree runs without any problem. But all data is stored on my internal memory. That Nexus doesn't have external memory support. Perhaps this could be the problem?
  • may be Navigator could be moved in application manager using Android feature?
  • To make things clear : it all works except that the maps can't be moved to external memory.  I don't mind that the app itself stays in the phone memory. 

    I appreciate the effort you guys put in it in trying to help me.  :-) 

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