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  • Hi all,

    I'm using Navigator Free on Android and it's awesome!!!! Thanks you for this fantastic app!

    I noticed that Italy is the only country in the world with maps dated 2013. I would ask you if there is any issue and when will be released the new map

    Thanks you
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  • Hi draghetto2003,
    yes, there was a problem with Italy OSM (actually more problems). One of them was related to dump OSM database to planet.osm (some nodes had invalid coordinates). Hopefully this will be fixed in planet140205.osm, which is being converted right now. You should see Italy on update within 2weeks (check Early Maps Access in settings/advanced).
    thank you for asking
  • Hi mdx,

    thanks you for reply me. I'm looking forward to download new map: I want see if Navigator Free can handle turn:lanes and lanes:destination that I added.


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