Navigator free 11
  • I have just downloaded and installed navigator free 11 and its asking for product key. I want to use the free version what to do?
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  • After my Installation it asked the same. As I remeber i pressed no-button and than the system asked somthing like "Do you want to start navigator free?" After pressing "yes" it worked.

    Also there was a link called "navigator free **" on my desktop.

  • Got it I should have used the other shortcut on desktop "PC Navigator 11 Free"
  • Unfortunately this Computer has no navigator-installation. Do we talk about PC or Smartphone?
  • Another issue with Windows CE version. I am unable to identify how to save a new favourite place. In previous version, on tapping the screen it used to provide options, but version 11 does not provide it.
  • The toolbar with departure, waypoint, destination, info, close road, favorite and edit it the same as it was in version 11. Also info still has button "add to favourites" ... so it should work as before ... or I do not understand.
  • Ya u r right tht appears when u click on the car icon.
  • yes u r right. probably the map has not been updated by mapfactor for the navigator.
  • I
    am trying to convert the recorded "nmea" file to gpx format using
    gpsbabel where i am selecting "nmea 0183 sentence" format as input and
    gpx as output. But it gives error that it cannot open the file.
  • I just started with Navigator Free V11, some questions:

    (1) Are there any alternative voices available, specifically english?  The "computer generated" voice is proving difficult to understand for me.

    (2) Although the map shows my development and streets, I cannot seem to "find" it in an address search.  I've tried all the variations presented on my home town (xxxxx, xxxxx junction, xxxxx village, etc) as the "city" but none work out.  Anybody know what's happening here?
  • Just upgraded to V11..0.25.  If I try and set anything (Favourite,POI, etc) as a Departure,  Destination or Waypoint, Navigator closes down.  I am running Windows Mobile 5.0 on a Dell Axim X51v.  Is this just me or is there a bug?
  • Hello Sbepko,
    ad 1) you can install normal voices (in this case "English: MapFactor-Lotta"). Computer voices are "preloaded".
    ad 2) this depends on country/city/street ... if you can be more specific, I can verify that particular case
  • @Nice_but_Tim - could you send me navigator.log.txt?
  • Sbepko,


    Alternativly you can you use the postcode. In London that was for me the best way to navigate. We stayed at Sussexsgardens, Londen and Mapfactor Navigator Free could not find the street. So we entered the postcode, W2 1UA, and that worked.

  • Hello.

    Could you fix the link to digger, the links are off.


  • 11 free key- B8PTX-8RXF4-HTFUR-3PGRT-PURPT
  • Yes, this key is correct - is there any problem??
  • i have a chinese nav for my car with win ce 6.  i downloaded program and map to my car but will not start.  i direct it to start from the exe file but nothing happens.  any ideas?

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