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  • I've exhausted my search. Been months and countless hours. This is my last check.

    Does mapfactor fulfill all of these:

    * able to search specific address for locations and destination
    * has muti-route (multiple destinations in one path)
    * has turn by turn voice
    * easily able to get muti-route directions from google maps, or another map site
    * user-friendly
    * gives accurate and good bike routes/directions (where does it get it's bike directions from?)
    * has saved locations
    * works offline (no data service)

    These are all basic requirements.

    Getting a Garmin if not.
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  • Hello,
    here: http://www.mapfactor.com/pn12/ You'll get the manuals for both the Android-OS and Windows-OS.
    They should give answers to Your questions.

  • has anyone use this app??? 

    does anyone know???
  • if nobody used this, and nobody knows, then nobody should use this
  • guess you should just use navfree then

    not good using an app where there's zero support for a simple question...............

    the people at navfree will email back

    and in the rare case they don't will just get a Garmin - finally.
  • why don't you just try it? it is free
    * able to search specific address for locations and destination
    * has muti-route (multiple destinations in one path)
    * has turn by turn voice
    * easily able to get muti-route directions from google maps, or another map site
    depends what you call easily
    * user-friendly
    depends on what you call user friendly
    * gives accurate and good bike routes/directions (where does it get it's bike directions from?)
    please try it
    * has saved locations
    * works offline (no data service)

  • i had already tried it months ago

    all of these apps has a learning curve

    anyway, not having
    * has muti-route (multiple destinations in one path)

    definitely breaks it.

    it's suppose to say "* able to search specific address for locations and destination [by entering in the exact address]"

    thanks for making it not too painful unlike that crazy person linking to a gazillions pages

    List of Best Droid Apps so far (gift to the droid community) --> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au_G8juRoIiqdGtURlFqVEdzcHhPdk84NXFyNmVUdHc&usp=sharing
  • multiple destination, is not the same as multiroute
    in fact I have no idea how can you have more then one destination, may be you mean waypoints?
    you can set one destination and unlimited number of wayponts in Navigator
  • doesn't look like any apps using osm would be good for biking

    i have to double check but im pretty sure mapfactor missed this entire biking route i have to check again

    the only biking-specific map i know of is opencyclemap and that's only uk-specific

    nobody else on the Web was confused about what mutiroute is, but i guess mapfactor has mutiple, unlimited destinations (like garmin, etc.)

    from navfree
    "Hello there,

    So all answer’s to your enquires will be listed bellow :

    - You can search for a specify address but due to our map provider openstreetmap (OSM) being crowd sourced some places/house numbers may be missing but due to it begin crowd sourced you can add any missing data to OSM :)

    - We unfortunately do not support multiple routes at this moment in time, we do plan to implement this feature in the navfree 3.0 along with a lot more new features, this will hopefully be out mid summer time.

    - Turn by turn is one of our default features, we also offer premier voices including celebrities and other voice packages in various other languages.

    - We don’t support inputing of routed from other GPS software.

    - Navfree is a very user friendly application and we believe most features within navfree are self explanatory but if you ever get confused about any features our support team are always here to help,

    - The bike feature has been removed due the lack of bike routes on OSM

    -You can add any location as a favourite,

    - This is the one advantage of navfree and is the one main feature we offer that most of our competition don’t, you download the maps on to your phone so all data is on board, the only time you need wifi or a data connection is when you use the google search but this is currently down but is fixed in our next release which will be out hopefully this week.

    I hope this has covered all your queries, if there is anything else you may want to know do not hesitate to email us :)"

    garmin has no headphone jack

    tomtom has a bluetooth jack, but is motorcycle-specific, non biking-specific routes

    maybe by year's end. doesn't look like mapfactor or anything gps will do currently... ='(
  • Well, if you're unhappy with a free software, than try (for your need) TwoNav from http://www.compegps.com/

  • why do you say free as if it matters, it doesn't meet bare minimal requirements, and that's all that matters

    i don't have time to try out any random thing by a random person that hasn't shown they are reliable, or have any proof that that thing is good
  • It may not meet your "bare minimal requirements" but it meets most of essential requirements of many users, including me. It's - for me - so close to commercial software, that I decided a couple of month to use that piece of software and to live with - for me - some minor restrictions.
  • Hey bestnavgps,

    I don't know why you are being so rude to people who are responding to your questions.
    If you are so against Mapfactor and the people on this website, why don't you take your complaints somewhere else and stop annoying people here.
  • well said Roldorf
    some people think that Mapfactor develops free sw just for them
  • I totally agree with you, Roldorf.

    I just didn't dare to write similar.

  • i don't know where this is leading towards.

    im not 'rude' to me (i just said it like it is), but maybe to you, and this is my reaction to this gps problem on every single places i asked... -- when the problem isn't solved, or there isn't any good answers, and this is one of i think two that complained.

    if "I've exhausted my search. Been months and countless hours. This is my last check." isn't clear to you and someone doesn't understand someone else's frustration, then they're just stupid.

    nobody cares about "some people think" -- all that matters is what the OP asked, in any threads.

    either whatever problem gets solved with good solutions/answers, or you don't reply

    that's how all forums, q&As, quora.com

    and any Actually Good site works.


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