TCP command issue
  • Using navigator 12.4 free (Windows PC version) and using the TCP documentation as a guide i try this:

    license error


    Is $icon_new not a feature that Navigator Free supports?


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  • The number of tracked icons is limited by license key. Note that the license also have vehicle tracking attribute which has to be enabled. The free key does not contain it.
  • hi and thanks for the confirmation

    Looks like Digger is the way to display the icons then. The goal is to show an icon for where a Traffic Camera is fitted showing a live feed of the traffic.

    Is there a way to "click" on a POI or interact with it so an external application can bring up the live feed from the camera?


  • Hi John,
    there is a possibility to attach "multimedia info" to imported objects. Here is whole description:

    To display additional multimedia content in Bubble dlg, imported record should contain following information:

    a) To display local or remote image
    "#mm:img:" + picturePath

    picturePath could be local path - example "C:\MyPictures\Sample.jpg"
    or url - example ""

    to periodically refresh image (feed from live camera) you could specify refresh period in seconds using ref<time_secs> command appended on the end of
    address - example "#mm:img:<5&gt;" will refresh every 5 seconds

    Supported image file types are BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG. BMP images can be RLE-encoded (1, 4, 8, and 24-bit BMPs are supported).
    PNG images may not be grayscale or progressive. Transparent GIF images are fully supported on Stationary PCs only.

    b) To play wav file
    "#mm:snd:" + wavPath

    example "#mm:snd:C:\MySounds\test.wav"

    c) To open specific url in browser window
    "#mm:url:" + url

    example ""
    Unfortunately this functionality was broken, so you may experiment with the latest build:


  • Hi and thanks for this and this looks very promising, but I have a problem creating the mca file:

    Any specific version of digger required to generate the mca file? (I'm using 12.1.5)
    Imported data meaning: mark (Says 3 records found, so input file should be ok?)
    Object definition: Selected "filename"

    Output from digger:
    Import started, output path is 'C:\Data\Navigator\digger_12_1_5\import\Navigator1.mca'
    [Step #1] : test 3 source objects... 
    0 map objects loaded.
    Error: mapFactor exception: All data was banned, cannot finish import.

    Input file (CSV format). I've tried with and without ", but I always get the same error:
    "-33.85010","151.15384","#mm:img:c:\data\cfcam2.png","Gladesville Bridge Inner Sydney"
    "-33.87016","151.18938","#mm:img:c:\data\cfcam1.jpg","Anzac Bridge Inner Sydney"
    "-33.85380","151.20972","#mm:img:c:\data\cfcam1.jpg","Sydney Harbour Bridge Inner Sydney"

    Help appreciated!

  • I would use coordinates without quotes ... that would be my first guess.
  • Hi and it looks like its the string for the picture file, from digger.log:

    ERR 2014/01/19 12:55:51 Exception thrown: .\src\filedriver\win32\FilePlatform.cpp(63)
    ERR 2014/01/19 12:55:51 Exception mpfc::exception& ex caught: ..\src\RawConnection.cpp(279) message:'mapFactor exception: can't open file '#mm:img:c:\data\cfcam2.png''
    ERR 2014/01/19 12:55:51 Exception thrown: .\src\Importer.cpp(214)
    ERR 2014/01/19 12:55:51 Exception std::exception& ex caught: .\src\Importer.cpp(150) message:'mapFactor exception: All data was banned, cannot finish import.'

    Both the cfcam2.png and cfcam1.jpg files exist in the location given.

    Just to confirm, in digger, the meaning of imported data is to use "Mark" not "Icon" and the column to define the picture would be "filename" based on the CSV file shown above?

    Is there a different way to create the mca file or would it be possible to add the required functionality to digger as this would be great feature?


  • Digger should ignore these lines - I suppose that the images are much bigger. Do you know 3D marks in TomTom maps? These icons are part of the MCA file, i.e. without "#mm:img" prefix. Just select it as type note/description.
  • My bad. I was generating as "Mark", not "Icon"

    All good as per this:

    (Many clicks to get the image, but it does get there in the end. Not tried the refresh or URL etc, but static image is a lot better than nothing)


  • Tested with URL and refresh, worked great!

  • Hi!

    Is there a way to add username/password for sites that require authentication?

    Something like this:


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