Navigator service for Android stays active
  • Now that I have seen that I am not the only one having the same issue (well, not a real issue, but let's report it anyway ;-)):

    I am using Navigator for Android version 1.0.48. Although the check mark for automatic map updates (in setttings) is not set, the Navigator service remains active. When I stop it using the app manager, it will restart itself.

    Maybe a language issue? The earlier mentioned poster and me, we both use the German version.
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  • please wait for the next version
  • Update to version 1.0.57 did not help.
    Now, there are even two running services ...
  • I can switch off, try to reboot
  • After reboot, one service is left, unstoppable. I even tried to activate and then deactivate the setting again, but it did not help either.
  • you have two options to stop it
    1. click on the notification and select clear this notification (that worked for me)
    2. untick the Check for updates check box in Settings - that should be permanent
  • Tomas, I don't get any notifications. My issue is only that the service cannot be stopped.
    I also said that the checkbox IS unticked, it always was.
  • hm, I stopped the service (after deselecting Map update option) and it has not appeared again
  • With 1.0.59 every time I start my device from a completely switched off state (cold start) there are always 2 navigator processes active. And yes I have disabled Map Updates Check.
    That's definitively a No No.
    So I got into the Autorun Manager app and checked what Navigator is doing behind the scene and there it is: navigator has the following receiver active: com.mapfactor.navigator.BootNotifyReceiver which obviously starts 2 processes.
    Disabling that receiver in Autorun Manager I got now rid of these 2 processes at startup.
    Mapfactor what the heck are you doing here? What is the purpose of these 2 processes when Update Check is disabled? There's absolutely no reason to have navigator processes running when I'm not using this app.


  • Hi Uli,
    at the moment you can download 1.0.62, which is without service on start-up (it is planned to replace partially released 1.0.48 on Google Play). The reason for service on start-up is, that it must check if the user wants to check downloads. This will be soon revised in some future version.

  • Hi Martin,

    Thank you for 1.0.62. Unfortunately this only goes halfway. Instead of 2 processes it now starts only 1 process. That BootNotifyReceiver is still registered within Android and I still have to disable it to keep navigator from starting one active process.

    Using a Samsung Galaxy S with Android 4.2.2 (Cyanogen mod 10.1.3)


  • Hi Uli,
    you may try "Christmas Edition":
    where are notifications enabled again ...

  • Hi Martin,

    which changes are supposed to be made in 1.0.66. Because now it is back to the old behaviour, 2 processes start and are active after a cold boot. "Search for map updates" is not set.
    Well, I guess I give up and just live with disabling BootNotifyReceiver in Autoruns Manager. Then Navigator stays quiet.

  • Apparently the main change of version 1.0.66 is the snow animation on the map ;-)
    Really pretty, but can we deactivate it ...?

    Apart from that, I can only confirm what Uli already said ... now my two services are back :-/
  • I have one service only when Navigator is closed, I think that is how it should be
  • It is my opinion that it should not be like this, that one service stays active, when you don't want notifications i.e. search for map updates is deactivated. In this case when I close navigator all services should be closed too.

    For those who want to be notified it's of course ok.

  • that is how it works on my phone, but I have 1.0.68 - please wait for that
  • ...but I have 1.0.68...
    Is that the "HappyNewYear-Edition" with fireworks animation?
  • happy year is 1.0.66

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