Backup favourites to SD Card for Android
  • Hi,

    Is it possible  to backup My places, My routes and/or Navigator settings to SD Card ? I think we can't backup the TomTom license. If I uninstall Navigator and reinstall it from Play Store, will I lose all the favourites previously created along with the TomTom license ?

    My problem is that Play Store doesn't let me update Navigator from 1.0.35 to 1.0.48, I can only open or uninstall it, so I wanted to force it with uninstall / resinstall.

    Best regards
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  • There is "stage roll-out" on Google Play - so not 100% users are updated ... could that be the case? You can still update via direct download:

    My places and My routes are in /sdcard/navigator/favourites.xml and /sdcard/navigator/routing_points.xml file, but settings are internal in the system. You may want to backup also atlas.idc, even the license key can be downloaded afterwards.
  • Thank you for the detailed response.
  • All of your backup expectations can be fulfiled through an Android backup software, or through settings page of the Android phone. It depends on phone version too. This article you'll find extremely useful.
  • There
    are lots of data on Android mobile so it is necessary to back up them.
    Here I recommend mobile manager to 
    backup android to pc

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