Portugese toll roads
  • We are considering visiting Portugal next year and have read many confusing articles regarding to electronic toll collection.

    I am running the Android app with TomTom maps. However these do not seem to be particularly up to date! I found myself in a tunnel in Switzerland that did not appear that new but was not shown and many instances in France of new roundabouts and one 'bypass' that was incomplete. However the routing always avoided toll road when requested!


    As the Portuguese introduced electronic only collection on some motorways in 2010 I wonder whether the current maps identify them correctly.

    Please can anyone comment? 

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  • this is question for TomTom, or possibly someone from Portugal
  • Hi Tomas

    I have said I use TomTom maps, but perhaps I should have said the commercial maps that MapFactor supply.


    I have no idea what TomTom's update policy is or how up to date their maps are. What is that date of the maps currently used on the app? My impression is that the maps are older than the 2010 Portuguese toll changes 

  • if you bought TT maps recently then these would have been supplied to us at the end of June 2013
  • I bought the maps in November 2012 but the Android device 'died' in August this year. Martin authorised the move to my new tablet and this was confirmed by Jan Samek on 19th August. Would I have downloaded the new or old maps?
  • I live in Portugal and will try to tag the toll roads. I hope Mapfactor updates the portuguese map before you travel.
  • I would double check which tags do you use for toll roads? At the moment we process only 'toll'='yes'.
  • It's the only one I found and used. There are roads that use manual and electronic toll and some, on the north and center of Portugal that use only electronic toll, without cabins or toll machines. That why I suggested the site where the foreigners can see the kind of toll roads they should prefer. Nothing else could I do, provided I could not distinguish the kind of toll services of each road.
  • to rp272
    the answer is no, you would get access to maps you originally bought

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