exit from Windows version doesn't work cleanly (or at all)
  • When I click Menu > Exit, the Navigator Free "splash screen" is displayed for a second or so, then the standard map is displayed again, and then if I click anything the EXE actually closes (crashes?). I press alt+F4 (standard way to exit a Windows app) the splash screen displays for a few seconds, then the map is displayed again; sometimes the EXE closes, sometimes it doesn't.

    Maybe this is because I'm using Windows XP (still). Either way it's not a big deal anyway, but thought I'd report it...
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  • Which version are you running?
  • Here the exit behaviour in Windows versions has always been, up to 12.3.0:

    Win XP: Alt-F4 or Menu->exit: the map disappears and the splash screen is shown and stays on. You have to klick anywhere on the splash screen to close the application comletely

    WINCE 5.x: Menu->exit, the splash screen appears shortly then the active map reappears and you have to klick anywhere on the still alive map to close navigator completely

    Android version exit ok.



  • Apropos 12.3.0

    where can I get the 12.3.0 PC-Version? Mine is still 12.1.10 and Navigator 12-Setup doesn't offer me the newest one. Software on my WinCE is already 12.3.0


  • My 12-Setup gave me that option. Have you set "Early Map Access" in settings. My setup version is 12.0.5. Could be you also need to download and install a new setup version.


  • Setup Version is 12.0.5 and yesterday I have set my update-option to Early Map Access to download the splitted france-maps. But no PC-Version 12.3.0 was offered...

    Do I have to delete all the previously downloaded setup-programs and start updating again?

    Yes, deleting the old Setup-files and start downloading the new gave me success. Now I'm running 12.3.0 on PC and WinCE!

  • I am running 12.1.10 on Win XP. As I explained, when I press Alt+F4 the splash screen displays for about 1 second, but then the main screen is shown again. When I then click anywhere on the main screen, the exit occurs. Quite confusing. I will check with 12.3.0 - I didn't see any announcement or release notes for a new Windows version of Navigator?
  • with free version you need to see the 'advert' when exiting, it is a normal behaviour

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