Version 11.0.16
  • I am most confused by this upgrade! I can no longer calculate a route as the the option seems to have disappeared from the main menu and I have two instances of "Find and Navigate" instead.



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  • you can change/design your own menu in Menu/Settings/Application/Organise main menu. You can also change order by dragging items up and down the list
  • please delete your settings.xml - in version 11.0.9 was added "work" button and the settings probably did not merge properly. Sorry for the trouble
  • Thank you. Deleting the settings file did the trick and the "missing" options are now available to be selected under 'organise main menu'.


    BTW what does the 'work status' button actually do. It is greyed out on my PC!


    'Edit Favourites' now seems much more reliable at first try but I will have to test it more.



  • Edit Favourites is a huge improvement on previous version but still seems to have a few problems

    It is not possible to move an item in a group that is immediately below. It does not matter whether it is the last item in a group or an item at root level. When it is dragged over, the recipient group highlights but when it is 'dropped' it does not move. If the group is not empty and has been expanded the last item can be 'dropped' either above, between or below the items already there but cannot be dropped on top of the group.

    An item that is not the last in a group can be 'dropped' onto the group below even if that group is collapsed and appears at the bottom of the list.

    There is a similar anomaly when the first item in the list is a group - it is not posible to move the first item in that group to the root level (above the group)


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