is a version for android planned
  • At the moment I test your free navigator on WM 6.5 comparing with Garmin XT an I think it's a pretty good alternative.
    But I plan to change to an Android-Smartphone in Winter an so I ask you, wether there will be a version for Android in next future
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  • I do not want to promise anything but winter is far away ...
  • ...and then its Christmas-time, when everyone expects surprising presents ;-)
  • At the moment I'm trying out many Android offline turn-by-turn navigators, and they're all terrible.

    Navit is supposed to be the best one, but I find its user interface extremely unfriendly, very complicated, and it's very slow as it's heavy as hell.

    gvSIG might be pretty complete (with link to Goggle Streetview!) but I don't find it so usable.

    MapDroyd would be nice, but it is a simple map displayer, not a navigator. Its interface for choosing and downloading maps is pretty similar to the one used in Navigator Free.

    I'm having such a good user experience with Navigator Free on my Samsung Q1 Ultra (the right program for the right machine), and such bad results on my Android device. Unluckily the Q1 has no internal GPS, while my Motorola Milestone/Droid 2 has a very good one

    If MapFactor could port its program in Android format, keeping the present user interface... that would be a killer application!

    Hope to receive such a present

  • As I saw on start-page, it seems that my chrismas-wish comes true :-)

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