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  • HI,

    when i install version 11 it installs free and commercial. how can i get a licence for a single country for 11? thus getting teleatlas maps?


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  • You can order it from e-shop (shortcut link is from Setup Utility "Purchase commercial key")
  • that takes you to version 10.

    take it is vaild for 11?

  • ok, sorry, e-shop with version 11 is not updated yet. Just wrote a note with your order that you would like version 11.
    thanks for your comment
  • Hello, The Veriosn 11 is a big improvement from the version 10 the menus have been reworked and you can customize the first menu folder. Also the routing seems to be better but that is just a subjective view after only 1300 km. Regards Chris
  • Has anybody come across a problem with the routing logic of Navigator 11.0.13 being different on an Actis 3 running Windows CE 5.0 and a laptop running Windows 7 ?

    Specifically, on the PC the maximum vehicle speed seems to be used in the route calculation but on the Actis it isn't.

    There may be a glitch in the commercial Great Britain map on the roundabout exit road at coordinate 53 degrees, 5 minutes, 38.7 seconds North, 0 degrees, 47 minutes, 02.0 seconds West which may affect routing.

    Full details on request.   

  • Wish list Items Prague.

    You have done such a good job making Navigator 11 so much more user friendly than the previous versions that I would ask for a couple of things to be considered for the next upgrade.

    1)  Could we have the times displayed in a 12 hour format rather than the 24 hour format please ?

    2)  Could the coordinates be shown as N, E, S and W in the 'menu\enter coordinates' window rather than just the minus sign ?


  • Directions UK have competently resolved the two issues above.

    If you get illogical routing with PC Navigator 11.0.13 running with PC Mapexplorer 11.0.13 try deleting your vehicle in Mapexplorer and re-creating it in PC Navigator 11.0.13.

    If you want your Navigator 11.0.13 on your Actis 3 to route exactly the same as the PC Navigator 11.0.13 you should try editing the limit_expansion value of 10000 in the RTG section in the file settings.xml on the SD card to the value in the limit_expansion in user\appdata\roaming\navigator\11.0\settings.xml file.

    It's a good idea to make a copy of the settings.xml file on the SD card before you start editing it !

    In my case the 10000 was replaced with 100000.

    These changes worked for me.  Hope this helps. 

    Maybe the installation program could include the second fix and avoid the customer needing to edit the XML file ?

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