Navigator 11 free China map
  • I installed version 11.0.11 on PC and PNA. After searching any place in China and try to view it, the program crashes always. I downloaded the map again - same error.
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  • Do you have the data for version 11? Can you send me your navigator.log.txt file?
    I tried to search Beijing >> West Chang'an Street and it worked fine (data 110610).

  • Hello Martin,

    Sorry for the long time for an answer.
    I have the newest data for Version 11. The same error occurs for Japan and partions of russia (i.e. Vladivostok).

    The link to the navigator.log.txt files (PC and PNA) is:!104#

    Many thanks
  • Hello Peter,
    I can see that you have almost the whole world downloaded and there is problem in
    ERR 2011/07/19 01:37:46 Exception thrown: .\src\filedriver\ArchiveCursor.cpp(150)
    ERR 2011/07/19 01:37:46 Exception mpfc::exception& ex caught: .\src\v6\EntityLoader6.cpp(618) message:'mapFactor exception: integrity failed 5'
    ... this means that some MCA file is incomplete.

    The same problem is on PDA, but the data were already incorrectly downloaded on PC. Can you check md5 of your downloaded files? (they should be the same as in your "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MapFactor\SetupUtility\regions.dcf"). If not I would download it again.

  • Hello Martin,

    thanks for your answer. I will check the files and download the incorrect files again.


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