In Saxony is the Autobahn 72 between Rochlitz and Borna finished.
  • Therefore is the map update for germany east openstreatmap important
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  • in approx two weeks
  • Hello, i guess i have to make the maps by myself, the update intarval is a little bit to long for me.
    I am a openstreetmap-user. Is it possible to work in Mapfactor Map Explorer with Openstreetmap Content?
    I Think about to buy full version of navigator with the mapexplorer.
  • Hi Matthias, once per month is not that long, only August is a little delayed because of holidays. You cannot use Mapexplorer to edit OSM maps.
  • I dont want edit the osm maps with it, i want use it for planning trips.

    Can the osm maps in the same way used like the commercial maps in map explorer?

    Editing osm maps is btw a pain with JOSM..... But thats a OSM Problem for the osm forums.
  • mapexplorer can be made to display OSM maps, but only with some manual editing of xml files, it would not be that difficult

  • Don't think any navigation software company updates more often than each month. Most commercial GPS devices, like Garmin and TomTom, get map updates 2-3 times a year.
  • @Gazer75: Because Garmin etc. have to buy map licenses. There is no license fee for openstreetmap.
    And August was a total "fail" for Germany and Austria. No map updates. :(
  • due to holidays, please be patient, we are humans (almost)
  • @tomas: So you should look for some user support. Allow some guys to create the binaries for you or outsource these jobs to other countries.
  • if only it was simple as that :-)
  • OK, some comments - In August the planet.osm was delayed (see - there is no planet-130807.osm so the first planet available in August 2013 is planet-130814.osm. [yes, I was on holiday, and the process was delay by 3days due to download failure ... hopefully fixed for September and other releases now].

    Even the process is automatic there are always some issues with new features/bug fixes. This time it was "cleaning relation/way duplicities" for water areas. We extended that script for land areas (i.e. forests) and it was very memory consuming for larger regions like Germany. Once the process is running it is hard to interrupt the "processing line" and running "broken countries" in parallel, as it usually slows both.

    germany_osm_east_130831.mca is uploaded now, so you should see it within 1hour on "Early Map Access". You should see there Germany West, which only went fine the processing line (and was the last, so applied fixes helped).

    We manually delayed processing of Germany South, due to boundary problem. If old one (backup) is used (as in previous month) than there is a gap between Germany/Czech Republic and the motorway near Rozvadov is cut (i.e. routing will fail there).
  • "Don't think any navigation software company updates more often than each
    month. Most commercial GPS devices, like Garmin and TomTom, get map
    updates 2-3 times a year."

    I dont care about what any navigation software company do. I use osm maps because of the bad maps in microsoft streets and trips and no update possibility. I use a Windows Computer for planning trips and Windows Netbooks for navigation with gps receiver. Offline maps are in the office also needed like in the car while navigation. And i really dont care what a garmin or tomtom or whatever silly navigation system company do.

    Maybe the mapfactor commercial maps are 100%, but i bet, the autobahn 72 is there also not finished.
    OSM is a chance to have sometimes in future a better map than google maps.....

    Google maps do also anything bad for the user. No possibility to import routing points and make a route.... U can import routing points in google maps and show them on the map, but the route planner cant take it. No route animation in google earth when no time stamp available. Never release 2 much for free..... Mapfactor have released much for free.. But 2 and more fields for longitude and latitude and no route import is harassing enough to force users to buy :)

    Enough talking about.

    Is there a way to selfmake the mca maps with a extra software? You have a tool for making the maps, why is there no tool for users?

    Why have you no test-version of mapexplorer?

    I dont like in Navigator Free, that moving of the map is not smooth enough.
    I like the fast routing point optimization and the fast route calculation.

    If map explorer do it also only in office view, itll be nice.

    A test version of Map Explorer is more important for me than the test version of navigator.

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