Navigator - nejde spustit
  • Zdravim,

    po kliknuti na ikonku dostavam "The application requires an SD-Card!". Po potvrdeni (OK) sa tato sprava donekonecna opakuje. SD karta pritom samozrejme zasunuta je. Android je vo verzii 2.3.6, telefon GT-S5830i.

    Dakujem za akukolvek radu.

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  • zavrete Navigator a smazte data v Android nastaveni/spravce aplikaci/navigator
  • If I am allowed to contribute my 50 cents (just a blind guess): Could it be that the navigator.log.txt file in the internal storage is referring to wrong paths that do not exist in Android 2.3.6?
    In my file (Android 4.1) there is written:
    data path: /mnt/sdcard
    data path: /mnt/ext_card
  • navigator.log.txt is log file from windows versions, android versions is using different file names
  • This is the name of the file I have found on my Android device - and I did not put it there ;-)
    I do not use the Windows version (except for downloading maps and copying them - only them - onto my device) - hence I did not even know that the Windows version produces a navigator.log.txt.
  • There are both: standard log files in navigator/log folder and "navigator.log.txt" containing list of detected/reported paths to available SD Cards (note, that editing this log file does not have any sense).
  • OK thanks, so the paths in there are only logged, but not read from application.

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