Rendering speed on full-HD display
  • Recently, I have changed from a Motorola Defy+ with a 854x480 resolution to a Samsung Galaxy S4 active with a 1920x1080 resolution. I never had a rendering problem on the Defy, even in the city of Paris. Now, on the S4 it happens that after some pinch-zoom actions, the display animation lags strongly behind. Thats means even if I don't touch the screen anymore, the map is still zooming and moving around for a coupled of seconds. Meanwhile, the program doesn't react to any further input and I have to wait till the end of the animation. This happens in areas of less density as well. I have checked with a CPU-usage monitor and it turns out that only a single-core operates with 100% load. Is there any hope for a multicore-support in the future? Fortunately, the navigation itself works seems to work as usual.

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  • I can also report this behavior with my Galaxy s4 s600, after moving the map or zooming in/out a couple of seconds, the phone doesn't respond anymore between 10 to 25 seconds, the map moving by itself (sometimes pixel by pixel) during this period.
  • thanks guys, this is known to us and we will work on fix
  • Hi, have updated to the new version of Mapfactor (09/17/2013), and just wanted to let you know that the problem still exists. Anyway, thanks for all the other bugfixes.
  • yes, thi is a long term project, it will take a few months
  • :push:
    are there any new progress?

  • yes, some fixes in the next version, full new engine not yet

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