Keyboard shortcuts MF Free & MF10
  • Hello, I have been using MF Free for the last Few tours and am really impressed. The only thing i am missing is the ability to controll the program using only the keyboard. I have already found the arrow keys and enter gets me to the menu however a direct kex shortcut for several features would be helpfull such as night view.
    Thanks in advance
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  • There is a way for some user short-cuts. It is rather advanced topic & you have to modify your settings.xml file. There is section like:
    and the current (?) list of actions is:

    What shortcut would you need?
  • Cool ToggleNightMode looks like the one that comes to mind. I will attempt to test it today Thanks.
  • I think I spoke to soon. by the key code do you mean the hex code for the key? or is there a sperate table?
  • it should be ascii code (key code), or you can write 0x ... for hex code
  • Hello Martin,
    the shortcuts work great also in version 11.
    After 8000km I have found 2 shortcuts that would be helpfull "navigate" and close or exit.
    when I stop and close N11 I need to restart navigation. Or when the netbook goes into hibernate because I forgot to attach the power supply N11 needs to be restarted and the navigate button needs to be clicked on to resume navigation.

  • Hello Martin,

    Just a bump and a update after moving to a usb gps NL-402U The problem no longer occurs when resuming from hibernation or suspend however keyboard shortcuts are always welcome.

    A touchscreen has no tactile feel as to what button you are pushing that means looking at the screen and not the road.


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