Problem after updating maps
  • I am a user of the free version for about one year. Yesterday i decided to update my maps (Poland, Austria, Slovakia etc.). The setup utility showed me that there are updated version  of my maps so I downloaded them and installed on the memory card. Then I  started the navigation program on my PDA and I read something like that: The maps you have are new version, that your program is not compatible with. Please install the new version of the program". I looked for a new free version and could not find one, the one I downloaded from the home site was exactly the same I had before. Anyway I tried to install it and the result was exactly the same as before. Therefore, as the old maps had been deleted during the installation of the updated version, my navigation device became useless! Luckily I had once backuped the memory card and so I was able to restore the program with the old maps. And what if I did't have it? Is this a clever metod to force people to buy the commercial version??????!!!!!!!!??
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  • Pretty strange assumption on your side.

    Please tell at least your program version. From your mention of a PDA, I assume a windows version. The current versions here are 12.1.10. If it's Andoid it's 1.0.10. I already saw newer versions mentioned in this forum, but I guess they are not publicly available yet.

    As far as I remember there once were new features in the maps which required new program versions.



  • It's Windows version 11.0.56. The one I had just downloaded is the same. I couldn't find a newer free version.
  • 12.1.10 is available for download & it is necessary for maps with IHN (Irregular House Numbers)
  • Thanks, I will look for it, but earlier I wasn't able to find it at the official site.
  • Hi, I have navigator 11 on my pda and was satisfied. now I have updated new maps and the above mentioned message was shown on my pda. after upgrading to navigator 12 only navigation for car is shown, no more bicycle o.e.
    is there any way to get an update to navigate with my bicycle again??
    thanks for an answer
  • Same happened to me when I updated to 12.x.x. .

    Just add a new vehicle type. There you will have a choice of car, bicycle etc. etc. and select your own properties according to your taste.



  • hi, thanks for the info. now I am happy to ride with my bicyle and navigator !!!!

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