Disappearing Map Detail
  • Hello Again,

    (Hope y'all don't end up hating me :p)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, running JB 4.1.1.  Purchased maps.

    I've got Michigan and adjoining U.S. states, plus Canada loaded.  When I zoom out, often nearly all the map detail disappears--including the Great Lakes, themselves!

    I can zoom back in, and then out again, and I can sometimes get the map detail back.  Sometimes it takes several tries.  It doesn't matter whether I use pinch or the +/- control.

    ETA: This may be a duplicate of "USA South Coast Water Rendering Problem."  Feel free to move/merge it, if so.


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  • Hi Jim,
    this is different problem then with OpenStreetMap source. The disappearing of Great Lakes can be caused by wrong max zoom level in the data, but what is strange if you get randomly map detail once a while.
  • Another data point: As I was typing-up my the results of my routing experiment (in my "Alternate Routes?" thread) I thought "Hmmm... I wonder...?"  So I did another test.  With the OSM maps I'm able to zoom in and out, pan around, etc., all with retaining the amount of detail I would expect.

    And the Great Lakes don't disappear.  Nor do any of the other lakes.


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