Blank White Screen After Map Purchase
  • Hi,

    I purchased the N. America maps this afternoon.  I don't recall what that last, wide button read ("Finish," perhaps?), but, after I pressed it, I got a blank white screen and nothing else.  I finally had to reboot my tablet.  Even killing the task in the applications manager would not get me more than a blank white screen.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, running JB 4.1.1


    Btw: I know why you're doing it, but I had to chuckle at "N. America + Mexico."  Mexico is part of N. America :)

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  • Hi Jim,

    close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application
    manager/Navigator - then reboot your phone. If this does not help,
    please email logs (navigator/log folder).

    "N. America + Mexico."  Mexico is part of N. America
    not according to TomTom :-)


  • NAM = Canada + USA + Mexico
  • It did it again after I downloaded additional states and Canada a little while ago.  But leaving MFN and going back in again fixed it.


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