Strange routing in certain areas
  • Gentlemen,

            First, I want to thank you for creating such a great product. However, I have a few strange routing bugs that make me curious how this could be fixed. Both of them show up on simple roundabouts in Romania, and I have even examined them in OSM editor to see if they are marked up appropriately. There does not seem to be a way to attach a file here, so I have uploaded routing_points.xml with these two 100m routes where a problem shows up:

            Regardless of how do I set up the vehicle (car, all types of roads available, including minor) I'm getting route through the nearby city instead of direct 100m way through the roundabout. Maybe I'm missing something? Thanks!

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  • Well, after some more experiments, it looks like when I place Start at the slip road leading to the roundabout and Finish at the roundabout itself, Navigator warns me that the destination point is within non accessible area, and if I place Start at the highway and Finish at the roundabout - it tells me that route includes blocked roads.

    I've took a careful look with Potlatch on these roundabouts, and there are no blocks/restrictions, however the only difference I noticed between these "broken" roundabouts and nearby "working" ones is that they use junction=roundabout together with oneway=-1 because they've been drawn originally in the wrong direction.

    I'm correcting this in OSM, but I'm sure you have to look at how your code treats roundabouts together with oneway=-1. Thanks!
  • I also noticed one way reversed on that roundabout, but had no time to investigate it properly
    thanks for correcting it
  • I've corrected these roundabouts in OSM. This problem renders European E85 completely broken, if correcting oneway=-1 issues is a problem I would appreciate map of Romania update so that E85 would be usable. Thanks in advance!
  • we update once per month, cut off is usually end of each month - however, programer responsible for data is on holiday, so it may be that your changes will still be in the July release
  • Hi peter_zh,
    this would be probably problem on our side. Tag junction=roundabout automatically triggers oneway, and with combination of reversed oneway the road is blocked.
    thank you
  • p.s. I just checked OSM documentation and there is:
      "The OSM ways of the roundabout itself must be drawn in the direction the traffic flows."
    so I am not going to change the conversion process and please fix the problematic (not correctly mapped) roundabouts. Thanks Martin

  • Thanks. As I've mentioned I have already corrected the roundabouts in question and notified the user who has created such, and in the recent maps update routing for E85 is working perfectly; however I still believe this is a bug in a routing code - the road does exist, its direction is correct (although mapped in a strange way), and who knows how many other roundabouts with oneway=-1 do exist in the OSM world..
  • There were 777 mistakes in planet-130703.osm. If anybody would like to fix them, here is the error dump.

  • All lines starting with 18 are hopefully fixed

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