No communication with external GPS
  • Hello
    I installed on my netbook Free Application Navigator. Netbook runs in the
    seventh Windiws.
    Navigator works well, but the application can not connect to the external
    GPS receiver. Navigator
    wants to connect COM4. I can not change that. The computer reports that COM4
    is occupied by an application program. Other COM ports are free. Can you do
    something about it.
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  • Hi Stanislaw, if you know com port of your GPS you can change it manually in settings.xml
    in Windows 7 look in
    c:\Users\"your login name"\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\12.0\settings.xml

  • Good day.
    I installed the free version of the navigator and I can pair the external GPS Nokia LD-3W.V PC is on port COM7, speed 48OO, but the program does not find the device.
    Thank you for your help.

    dobrý den.
    nainstaloval jsem free verzi navigator a nemůžu spárovat externí GPS nokia LD-3W.V PC je na portu COM7,rychlost 48OO,ale program nenajde přístroj.
    Děkuji za pomoc.
  • a vite urcite ze je to na portu 7, baud rate 4800?
    muzete zkusit hyperterminal jestli GPS vidi

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