Problems with ferries
  • Hi,

    Navigator 10 Free is unable to find a route from Rome in Italy to a village on Sicily. I guess this is because of the ferry?
    Even raising the priority of ferries to 75% did not fix that.
    On the other hand side, a short route from Venice to the onshore works well.

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  • Ferries leaving and entering country boundary are not solved yet. You should see them "ending in the sea". We do not want "outerworld" as in commercial version due to problematic map updates. It is work in progress now with lower priority.
  • Hi, I can confirm that in the paid verion the ferries and the toll roads work. Regards Chris
  • Hi Martin,

    > Ferries leaving and entering country boundary are not solved yet
    Ok, but Rome and Sicily are the same country Italy, isn't it? ;-)

  • Yes, what I meant is that if "country" is defined by multipolygon (many polygons with potential holes) and the ferry does not cross boundary of that multipolygon it should work. Sicily is separate polygon. It could be solved, but at the moment it is "expected behavior" :(

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