POI address and name search question
  • Either it's not working properly, or I can't seem to figure out the POI search by address.

    I'm running the latest android version of navigator, and only have the Illinois map installed.  Here's what I'm doing:

    1. hit the search button
    2. tap the POI tab
    3. tap "by address and name"
    4. tap "Country" - the only choice is "Illinois (USA)"
    5. tap "Illinois (USA)"
    6. Type "Peoria" in the search box, or "Springfield", or a few other sizable cities.  

    Those cities are not available in the list, but there are POIs in them.  You can find those POIs through other POI searches.  

    I don't know what the POI database is derived from, but other OSM-based apps aren't having this issue for me.  

    Any thoughts?

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  • The POI search is using "administrative areas" which is often missing in OSM maps. At the moment you can find the city center, set show on map and then search in the area ... not very convenient, but at least some workaround. In some future version we may "integrate it" similar to search of nearby streets ...

  • you can also select ANY in town selection

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