Mapfactor FREE wont open in Win 8
  • As the title says, PC Navigator 12 Free will not open, yet the paid version will, well as far as entering a serial number.  Its a fresh install of W8.

    I have granted myself full access to the PC, including the Program Data folder.

    Any ideas?  Cheers!
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  • Which version do you have? 12.1.10, 12.1.0, or some older? Did you downloaded OSM maps? By "wont open" you mean that the program does not even start or you see splash screen but then it disappears? There should be a hint in navigator.log.txt file (I guess C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Navigator\12.1\ by default hidden folder).
    p.s. the program should be the same and should work with free maps ...

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